Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sister Opal: Psychic Stylist

A leathery traffic cone will sit and scribble as a parade of skinny pants and chest ruffles strut down the white patent catwalk. Jillian will shake and whine. Rami will be gentle yet irritable. Christian will scratch someones face....and then win.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hannukah already looming

So Joel's newest project du jour is grandbabies. Perhaps he needs another mid-life distraction other than grad school, or maybe he's truly feeling the patriarchal itch for something small, soft, and drowsy to nap with on Saturday afternoons. In any case, after tonight's conversation, I wouldn't be surprised if a frozen thermos of premium sperm was accidentally delivered to my apartment. Leave it to Joel to streamline this process to yield both babies and an absent son-in-law.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

neue pie

I've been on a quest for some farm fresh dark green leafy veggies...alas the winter bounties at both the Grand Army and Union Square are reduced to apples and a few dusty shriveled potatoes. But the day wasn't totally devoid of yummy discoveries. In fact, it was more like a revelation. As I was about to enter Prospect Park to make my way to the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market, I discovered the meat pie. That's right, meat pie. Yes, icky Sweeney Todd connotations, and who can't be just a little suspicious of a food item hides the main show under layers of golden crust? But in this case, taking the plunge is so worth it. DUB Pies is my new jam. I had the Steak Mince and Cheese (good Shabbous) at the suggestion of the lovely lady working the counter. It also was clearly made with some premium ingredients...the cheese wasn't just a Kraft slapped over meet, but rather tangy white cheddar. Mmmm, the devil is in the details. Not only was it perfectly toasty, but totally the best walk-and-eat food since the invention of the kebab. Located a block away from the park, it's a blessed union of food and strolling. DUB pies, je t'aime.

PS- they happen to be the feature bar food during happy hour at my new local haunt, quarter bar (20th & 5th ave, brooklyn). it really can't get better.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

M S Jazzy-G

in the mighty footsteps of great blogs since the beginning of time, i bring to you salty blossoms: my internet flavor crystals.

there's no masthead yet...have to talk to Mags (see menu bar(not yet complete(+/- a few days))).

in the meantime, try to enjoy the noodles of the streets.